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Parisa on Mon Aug 13, 2007

Quality over Quantity. Preschool works only if it is good quality.  Poor quality preschools will not help our children and may even be detrimental to their emotional and physical well being.


Debora on Wed Oct 24, 2007

It can’t be either or we must provide more spaces while improving quality.  If not, we will prevent some children from ever receiving services.


Sarah on Mon Sep 20, 2010

I agree that quality is more important and I was always for AB 172. However Im not sure how successful this program has been implemented in the past couple of years? How are the preschools doing overall? Have there been any cuts during the recession?


morey on Mon Dec 13, 2010

its pretty successful in my city. but the hours are brutal, my son comes home exhausted!! not sure to be happy about it or not wink)

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