Preschool Programs: A Synthesis of Current Policy Issues

Once again, early education has emerged as a major policy and program topic. And, while the importance of early education is undisputed, the increasing calls for "Universal Preschool" and full-day kindergartens have yielded considerable controversy. Our specific interest in public policy for preschool programs stems from our concerns about promoting social and emotional development, preventing learning, behavior, and emotional development, preventing learning, behavior, and emotional problems, and addressing such problems at an early age. This brief is designed to provide highlights of basic issues that permeate public policy discussions of pre-K programs. It also includes references to detailed guides and reports that expand on these matters. Appended are: (1) A Few Examples of Public-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Programs; (2) Three Famous and Frequently Cited Programs; and (3) Using the Center's Quick Find on Early Childhood Development.


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Author(s)Center for Mental Health in Schools, UCLA Dept. of Psychology
SubmitterAriana Sani

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Policy Briefs, National Context, Delivery Systems