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Head Start Reauthorization: Enhancing School Readiness for Hispanic Children

This document indicates that the pending renewal of Head Start is a critically important issue for the Latino community and the program as a whole. The future of Head Start is increasingly linked to the success of Latinos, who represent a large and growing share of children eligible to participate in the program. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recommends that Head Start reauthorization increase access and quality of services to Hispanic children. Congress should work to promote access to Head Start for Hispanic children by increasing access to Head Start for the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers. Early Head Start should also be expanded. The quality of Head Start services to limited English proficient (LEP) families can be improved by strengthening the education component of Head Start. A sound assessment system is an essential component of quality education programs. Research underscores the importance of providing Latino and LEP children with access to bilingual teachers in order to enhance academic and school readiness outcomes. NCLR concludes that Head Start must be effective for Latino and LEP children and their families.


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Head Start

Author(s)Miriam E Calderon, Ed.
Organization(s):Head Start
SubmitterAriana Sani

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National Context, Family Engagement, Program Models, ELL