From Capitols to Classrooms, Policies to Practice

From Capitols to Classrooms, Policies to Practice: State-Funded Prekindergarten at the Classroom Level

This brief report is the first in a series using data from the National Prekindergarten Study (NPS). The NPS is the first large-sample, broad-based study to evaluate the implementation and classroom practices of state-funded prekindergarten systems across all the states that fund them. Its purpose is to accurately describe state-funded prekindergarten systems as they exist "on the ground" and place the descriptive data collected within the context of state policies and mandates. The first report to come from the study details the characteristics of the teachers and assistant teachers teaching our children.


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Author(s)Walter S. Gilliam, Crista M. Marchesseault
SubmitterAriana Sani

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Policy Briefs, National Context, National Studies