Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems that Spend Smarter

This brief examines State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) grant projects to identify ways in which they can promote smarter spending for vulnerable young children as they plan for and implement new, more integrated systems. It emphasizes the promotion of social and emotional health and well-being, which is a precursor to both future health and school readiness. No State can fulfill the vision of its ECCS plan without strategic fiscal planning. Summaries from the larger analysis (in Spending Smarter : A Funding Guide for Policymakers to Promote Social and Emotional Health and School Readiness) of individual funding streams and programs are described that can be used to build components of a coherent system of support and services. Promising practices from ECCS projects are included to illustrate finance strategies. The brief focuses on strategies for ECCS leaders and their partner stakeholders to consider for immediate adoption in their own States or communities.


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Author(s)Kay Johnson, Jane Knitzer
SubmitterAriana Sani

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National Context, Finance Options