Alameda County Early Care and Education for All Plan

Alameda County launched a comprehensive planning effort in January 2006 to address early care and education (ECE) for all children from birth to five years of age. The process has built on the work of many experts, including community and business stakeholders, early childhood practitioners and K-12 professionals. Led by County Superintendent of Schools Sheila Jordan, Assemblywoman Wilma Chan, the Child Care Planning Council, and First 5 Alameda County, this process was designed to benefit our collective efforts to ensure every child in Alameda County has access to high-quality ECE.

The overall purpose of this comprehensive planning effort was to develop a vision and goals for quality ECE for all children in Alameda County, from birth to five years of age; develop a countywide consensus on the vision and goals for quality ECE; and develop a proposed implementation timeline and activities to work toward those goals.

This Early Care and Education for All Plan is the result of this effort. It is based on previous tasks of this project: a needs assessment; a community visioning effort; and a work plan. Over 60 people in the ECE community in Alameda County, as well as parents and representatives from school districts, colleges and universities, mental health and public health, served as members of Content Committees to help guide the project. In addition, hundreds of interested individuals attended meetings and input sessions across the county.

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